Monday, June 20, 2011

what i did

Lazarus seems to be over all his tummy issues, so i am back to an unlimited diet much faster than i had expected! and i have a box of leftover "special" foods stored away for future new baby times. here's what i did with my diets (since many people keep asking).
With Evalana, she got fussy at about five weeks. My friend suggested changing my diet, which i am so thankful for. I started with Dr. Sears's elimination diet. Evalana stopped crying the next day, although it can take a few weeks to get all of that stuff out of your system. Then I got all upset worrying that i wasn't giving her enough nutrition for her rapidly growing brain and that it'd take the rest of my life if i only added in one food at a time. So then I just left out the more common problem foods, and tried those one at a time. It took forever since it seemed like she was always getting teeth, sick, had a vaccination, we were away from home, or some other issue that made testing more difficult. She had problems with milk, soy, wheat, eggs, fish, nuts, and maybe corn. After she was six months old and eating solids, I just gave them directly to her for simpler testing. She was fine with most foods by 12 months and dairy at about 18 months. With Lazarus (baby 2), he started crying and acting like his tummy hurt at 3 weeks. I started with trying to limit my dairy intake. It didn't work. So then I eliminated all milk, soy, wheat, eggs, fish, and nuts. He was all better the next day. I then tried testing foods, and I thought he was okay with eggs and soy, but then a few weeks later i realized that he was crying every time i ate eggs or soy. He did great when I didn't have any of the common allergens--milk, soy, eggs, wheat, nuts, or fish. And, when I eliminated them, that means i didn't have anything that had any little tiny bit of any of those things in it. We hardly ever eat out, and I like cooking, so it wasn't that difficult. I made way more things than i listed recipes on here for, so let me know if you want any ideas. i realized i could make most any type of food, with some changes. At four months, I decided to try out some of the problem foods, and, to my surprise, he's fine with everything! actually, i still need to figure out fish, but that one's pretty easy to avoid. i'd love to help out anyone who wants to try a diet change to help a fussy baby. i'm sooo thankful i did.

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